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      Don’t “Pokémon Go” to the Hospital: Follow 7 Tips to Stay Safe & ER-Free

      7/15/2016 - 4:19:35 PM

      As Pokémon Go fever continues to spread across the country, trainers of all ages are out in force trying to catch ‘em all. One thing you don’t want to catch, however, is an unnecessary trip to the ER. ...

      Meet Pete: 77 Years Young Fun Runner Who Credits Capital Regional’s Cardiac, Compassionate Care

      7/14/2016 - 4:56:59 PM

      At 77 years of age, Pete Butler has traveled the globe. From his military service, to working in a former U.S. Senator’s office and representing military and veteran’s affairs for the state of Florida,...

      HCA Heroes: Cartersville Medical Center’s Care in the Air

      7/8/2016 - 5:22:48 PM

      Some heroes wear white coats, not capes. Anyone who has ever received emergency medical care from a doctor will likely say the same. And shy away from the “hero” label they may try, but the actions of ...