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Physical Therapy Asst PRN

Terre Haute Regional Hospital - Terre Haute, Indiana

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Job Code: 00097-5246

PRN/Per Diem


Position summary: To provide physical therapy services under the direct supervision of a registered physical therapist.

Behavioral characteristics:
Demonstrates a high degree of tact and motivation.
Ability to motivate patients to achieve their goals.
Ability to communicate in an effective manner with all members of the health care team while maintaining a friendly and cooperative attitude.
Ability to exercise independent judgement in patient care and physician contact that requires minimal supervision.
Ability to talk in varying tone of voice, read and write with or without reasonable accommodation.
Dependable and good attendance.
Ability to work and communicate with all employees.
Demonstrates behaviors that are relative to the HCA Mission and Values Statement: “We act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in the way we conduct our business and the way we live our lives.”

Position responsibilities:
Demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively perform therapeutic procedures.
Demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively apply modalities.
Prepares and drapes patients in a manner that respects comfort and privacy.
Provides explanation of the therapeutic procedure or modality prior to provision of service.
Must be absent of complaints in any aspect of therapeutic procedures and modalities.
Must be absent of occurrence reports related to therapeutic procedures and modalities.
Performs treatment programs in accordance with the plan of care established by the supervising physical therapist.
Consults with the supervising physical therapists prior to making any changes in the plan of care.
Prepares patient for treatment as requested by the supervising physical therapist.
Performs all other duties as requested by the supervising physical therapist within the scope of practice of the physical therapist assistant
Rotates in other areas as needed or requested to provide physical therapy services.
Completes all documentation in the SOAP format.
Documentation is completed in a timely manner.
Documentation requirements in outpatients is met.
Employee uses hospital approved abbreviations.
Consultation, communication and/or collaboration with physicians and other healthcare givers are documented in the chart.
Patient, family, significant other education, training and/or instruction are documented in the chart.
Absence of complaints in any aspect of documentation.
Minutes of therapy provided are documented in the charge sheet accurately.
Exhibits flexibility to accommodate changes in work schedule.
Maintains productivity level of 70% of patient care time.
Schedules patients to promote smooth operation of the department.
Adjusts style and level of communication, education or other patient related instruction to the age of the patient served.
Addresses patients appropriately by first and last name.
Introduces self to patient and the general public appropriately.
Uses available and additional resources to reinforce patient related education or instructions and home exercise program.
Communicates appropriately and effectively with physicians and other health care givers for the purpose of collaboration, coordination and continuity of care.
Attends patient care meetings as requested by physicians and/or the supervising physical therapist.
Informs the supervising physical therapist if a patient no longer qualifies for skilled physical therapy in a timely manner.
Directs problems and concerns to the supervising physical therapist.
Observes all hospital safety procedures and universal precautions.
Wears masks, gloves, gown, and goggles when appropriate.
Washes hands between each patient encounter.
Observes proper body mechanics at all times
Completed annual safety competency with a grade of 90% or above
Ensures all minutes of care provided are completely entered on the charge sheet in a timely manner.
Informs the supervising physical therapist regarding patient needs involving prosthetics, orthotics or other adaptive equipment.
Accounts for all supplies issued to patient.
Exhibits consideration for cost effective use of manpower and supplies.
Ensures and monitors availability of supplies and equipment for outpatients
Communicates with the secretary of the therapy department regarding needs for ordering additional supplies.
Communicates with the Therapy Manager regarding needs for repair or purchase of equipment used in outpatients.
Successfully completed a continuing education seminar sponsored by the hospital to enhance knowledge and skills related provision of service in inpatients.
Attended all mandatory meetings and in-services.
Willingly provides guidance and support to other staff needing assistance or supervision
Willingly provides in-service to staff for continuing education programs attended and sponsored by the hospital
Assist in transportation of patients for physical therapy treatment.
Demonstrates an understanding of, and adherence to, the Code of Conduct
Conduct reflects the Company’s values and a commitment to the Code of Conduct.
Understands and satisfies the needs of the patient population appropriate to the age of the patient served (adults, geriatric, adolescent, pediatric, and parents of neonates).
Performs other duties as assigned to meet the needs of the department.
Adheres to the Standards of Behavior for Terre Haute Regional Hospital as per the Customer Relations Policy

Essential educational/licensure, skills and experience:

Completion of Physical Therapy approved by the council on Medical Education of the American Medical Association in collaboration with the American Physical Therapy Association.
Possession of a certificate to practice as a certified physical therapist assistant issued by the Board of Medical Examiners in the state of Indiana.
Fluency in the English language.
Certification: BLS and PTA Certification must be maintained throughout employment with Terre Haute Regional Hospital

Valued but not required educational/licensure, skills and experience:
Preferably a member of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Work environment:

Exposure to fumes, odors, dust, poor ventilation. Duration/Frequency: only during painting, repairing, or remodeling of work area.
Exposure to weather (exposure to hot, cold, humid or windy conditions). Duration/Frequency: 5-20 minutes, 1-3 times/day.
Exposure to contagious diseases. Duration/frequency: 15-45 minutes, 0-3 times/day.
Exposure to blood-borne pathogens. Duration/frequency: 15-45 minutes, 0-3 times/day.

Cultural Competencies:
Employee supports facility diversity initiatives; communicates with people of all cultures in ways that build trust and respect; and completes mandatory education on cultural diversity.

Associate's Degree/College Diploma

Last Edited: 02/17/2017

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