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    Rewards and Benefits

    Everyone is a contributor to creating a great place to work. At HCA, we believe our success is dependent on a Healthy Work Environment where caregivers, staff, administrators, physicians and volunteers are at the core of a patients-first culture. At the heart of everything we do is applying the same compassion and commitment we have for our patients to our co-workers and colleagues. We work hard to create a place where employees feel empowered to provide the best care possible and experience a rewarding career.

    Our commitment to a Healthy Work Environment includes a focus on five key areas - Culture, Leadership, Voice, Compensation/Rewards and Staffing. We know if we do well in each of these areas, our employees will be able to provide the safest, highest-quality and most compassionate service to our patients.

    To learn more, please read our Healthy Work Environment Guiding Principles brochure.

    Download the Guiding Principles Brochure (pdf)

    Health Benefits

    Medical Plans

    Medical benefits are available to full-time and part-time employees. HCA shares the cost of coverage for full-time employees. All medical options cover preventive care, such as routine physical exams, well-child care and immunizations, behavioral health and prescription drugs.


    Generic drugs are available for copay. You can expect to pay coinsurance [a percentage of the cost] for brand-name medicines. Prescription drug coverage under an HMO or POS varies by plan.


    Available dental plans cover preventive, basic and major dental care.


    The vision plan provides benefits for eye exams, lenses, frames and laser correction surgery, as well as the opportunity to save on replacement eyeglasses, sunglasses and other eye care items.

    Employee Assistance Program

    All HCA-affiliated employees have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a confidential counselling and referral service which provides personal, legal and financial services.



    HCA’s Financial Prosperity program offers one-hour classes on topics such as breaking free from debt, building wealth with investments and retiring with the money you need. Classes are offered in confidential one-on-one sessions with a certified financial instructor and via personalized e-mail access to a financial advisor.

    Reimbursement Accounts

    HCA-affiliated facilities offer competitive medical and wellness programs. However, we know that you may encounter out-of-pocket expenses such as coinsurance, copays and deductibles. To help you cover healthcare and dependent care expenses you face during the year, the following tax-advantaged reimbursement accounts are available:

    Health Reimbursement Account

    Up to $500 in Wellness Credits to pay for eligible out-of-pocket medical, dental, prescription drug and vision expenses including deductibles, copays, orthodontic care, coinsurance, prescription glasses, contact lenses and even laser eye surgery

    Health Care Flexible Spending Account

    Up to $5,000 toward eligible out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision and prescription expenses including copays, coinsurance and deductibles

    Day Care Flexible Spending Account

    Up to $5000 for eligible dependent care expenses incurred while you are at work. This includes day care for a dependent child under 13 or the care of a disabled adult dependent who is physically or mentally unable to care for themselves

    Adoption Assistance

    You may receive reimbursement for expenses associated with the adoption of a child, including agency fees, attorney fees and travel expenses

    CorePlus Benefits

    A package of voluntary benefits that include legal benefits, short-term disability, long-term care, voluntary permanent life insurance, auto and home insurance and pet insurance


    HCA 401(K)

    This plan combines contributions from your facility with your own contributions to help you save for the future. You may save as much as 50% of your gross pay through payroll deduction, up to the IRS maximum. Employees age 50 or older may take additional “catch-up” contributions up to the IRS limit.

    The plan will provide a 100% match for your contributions (from 3% to 9% of pay) based on your years of vested service. That means for every $1 you save (up to the matching limit), your facility contributes $1, giving you a better chance to meet your retirement goals

    You will be automatically enrolled in the 401(k) plan on the first day following two months of service. Your contribution rate will begin at 3% of pay and increase by 1% in January of each year until it reaches 15%, or you actively choose another rate, or opt out of the plan.

    Life & Disability Benefits

    Life Insurance

    HCA offers 2 types of employee life insurance:

    Basic Term Life

    Basic Life Insurance covers you at 1 times your base pay, and is provided to you by your facility

    Supplemental Term Life

    Supplemental Life Insurance allows you to choose an additional amount of coverage equal to 1 to 5 times your base pay. The price you pay for this coverage depends on your age and salary

    Long-Term Disability

    This coverage provides income protection if you become totally disabled and are unable to work for an extended period of time