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Your Summer, Your Schedule

HCA Careers June 07, 2017

Summertime is Here!  Vacations, travel and summer fun is on most everyone’s minds! It’s heating up outdoors; time wants to slow down and give a feel of the "lazy days of summer."

For many families, children and grandchildren are home from school or visiting for summertime, summer camping, RV trips, and travel is on are being planned, and for others, it’s time to find fun concerts, time to explore our great country and find time in the beautiful weather to catch up with friends and families.  

As a nurse, many employers offer significant scheduling benefits, where a full-time job is just three 12-hour shifts, giving four days off every week! If, however, MORE freedom in your schedule is what you’re seeking, there is another option, giving even greater schedule liberties!

We all know what full-time and part-time jobs are, but the third option in healthcare is called PRN, which is an abbreviation of pro re nata, meaning "as necessary."  Many medical professionals work PRN (or per diem)  to pick up some extra money in addition to their full-time positions, but others choose to only work per diem shifts without having a full-time job. Here are three great benefits of working PRN!  

  1. Schedule flexibility.  Working a PRN position means you will often get the extra shifts offered that are short of coverage.  During the summer, many full-time and part-time staff are taking vacations, giving the PRN nurses freedom to look at available shifts and fill in when it is convenient for their schedule.   There are fewer demands on the scheduling of a PRN staff member, giving them much greater control over their schedule.  
  2. Higher hourly pay rate.  Because these PRN employees don’t use hospital benefits and are flexible with their schedule, and often filling the hard-to-fill shifts, they are compensated with a higher hourly pay rate.  This higher pay rate is a great perk if you’re trying to earn extra money as a moonlighting RN or to help make income while for working a lighter schedule.  
  3. Flexibility to increase hours.  PRN jobs often can turn into a part-time or full-time career if your personal work or budget needs change.  Once you have familiarity with a unit and team, it’s often an easy transition to a position where you’ll be guaranteed a set number of hours each pay period.   

Options are wide open when a nurse takes a PRN (per diem) position.  Work life balance, along with living your nursing calling,  often brings real career satisfaction.   

PRN nursing opportunities are at our TriStar Division medical facilities.  Covering Tennessee, northern Georgia, and Kentucky, we have many excellent facilities to find your perfect PRN position! Now...go enjoy your Summer!

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