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Chief Medical Officer - Plantation General and University Hospital's

University Hospital - Broward County - Tamarac, Florida

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Job Code: 10202-20533


No Weekends

Job Summary:

The CMO leads clinical and quality initiatives that support the provision of consistent clinical performance and practice standards across the hospital; reviews quality performance with hospital leadership; facilitates the analysis of quality performance and prioritization improvement opportunities; provides senior level leadership to the infection control, risk management, safety, and medical staff credentialing functions ensuring the collaboration and coordination of all stakeholders in these processes; facilitates hospital-wide medical staff integration; and consults on an array of issues involving physicians.

Primary Responsibilities:

•            Serve as an active member of the Administrative Team.

•            Champion delivery of quality care as a priority for the Medical Staff.

•            Develop and coordinate systems/processes for controlling costs related to clinical resource utilization.

•            As a part of the clinical resource utilization function, develop and provide ongoing oversight for hospitalist services.

•            Develop and direct medical education programs for the benefit of the Hospital’s Medical Staff and facility.

•            Serve as a liaison between the Hospital and the Medical Staff.  Represent the Hospital objectively and decisively in presenting matters of importance to the Medical Staff.

•            Participate in all committees and activities appropriate for an active member of the Hospital’s Medical Staff.

•            Assist in the development and promotion of new products and services for the Hospital.

•            Manage the functions of the Hospital’s Medical Staff Office, including all aspects of staff appointment/reappointment, the management of Medical Staff Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and departmental rules and regulations; oversight of Medical Staff departmental and committee functions; oversight of all processes for dealing with disruptive and impaired physicians, and the oversight of all credentialing matters for the Medical Staff.  Duties also include the preparation of a Medical Staff newsletter, attendance at meetings of the Medical Executive Committee and

Hospital Board as an ex-officio member of each, and ongoing communications – verbal and written – with the Hospital’s Medical Staff.

•            Ensure that Medical Staff clinical practices followed within the Hospital comply with all local, State, Federal and other regulatory requirements as well as HCA and nationally recognized standards of care.

•            Participate for the Hospital in community health-related activities and organizations.


•            Ideally, has been a CMO (or equivalent) in a large, complex hospital or regional health system.

•            Board certified physician with practice experience.

•            Graduate degree in business or comparable degree is preferred.

•            Minimum five years of clinical practice experience.

•            Experience communicating a vision in a broad range of clinical environments, preferably within an open system.

•            Management of a complex quality program design and implementation.

•            Involvement in the implementation of significant clinical practice change.

•            Leadership of quality improvement initiatives that have resulted in measurably outstanding outcomes and/or shown significant enhancements recently.

•            Management of multi-disciplinary teams of clinicians and staff.

•            Licensed by a State Medical Board.

Doctorate Degree

Last Edited: 04/13/2017

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