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Enterprise Accounting Services

Lawson ERP Financial System Development & Administration

Additional information will be communicated as the Lawson go-live date approaches.

Construction Accounting - Corporate Sponsored Projects

The Construction Accounting section is responsible for monthly transfers of substantially complete Corporate Sponsored CIP (construction in progress), ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and Engineering projects.

Legal Invoice Processing & Account Services

The Legal Invoice Processing and Accounting Services section is responsible for all invoices received from legal firms and vendors. They verify the billings are in accordance with the company’s legal billing guidelines and facilitate review and approval of the invoices by in-house legal counsel.

Lease Accounting

Enterprise Accounting Services compiles companywide operating lease detail for 10-K footnote disclosure.

Corporate Accounts Payable

The Corporate Accounts Payable (A/P) area is responsible for processing all Corporate related payments (P.O. & non-P.O.) and setting up all Corporate related FedEx accounts and users in the online shipping program.

The Corporate A/P area will be the first Lawson A/P operation in the Company. The conversion to Lawson A/P will enable greater efficiency, automated approvals, and greater analytical ability by the users.

Corporate Purchasing

Corporate Purchasing administers the purchase order process for all corporate departments including purchases for corporate sponsored capital projects at HCA facilities. Corporate Purchasing is responsible for assisting the purchasers in order placement and delivery to the facility receiving the assets.

Corporate Purchasing uses GHX PS requisition system to manage the requisitioning and internal approval of purchasing activity.